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MPI Connector Targets High-Density Board-To-Backplane Apps

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Targeting high-density board-to-backplane applications, this metallized particle interconnect (MPI) system maximizes routing efficiency with 72 contacts per linear inch, thus eliminating the need for though-hole and press-fit interconnects. In the board-to-backplane configuration, this high-performance MPI daughtercard connector features a bandwidth of 8 GHz at 3 dB, Far End X-talk of 1.9% and Near End X-talk of 5.8% at 200 ps, and impedance of 66 ohms typical. The connector is capable of carrying up to 4A per contact with less than 20 milliohms average contact resistance.The flexible polymer/metallization columns act as shock absorbers, allowing for excellent performance, even under extreme shock/vibration testing. Also, the elasticity of the polymeric column acts as a seal to the environment at the point of connection, protecting the connection from harmful elements.

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