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Multi-Core Debugger Works On Multi-CPUs

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Capable of debugging several processor cores embedded in multi-CPU devices and ASICs, the Multi-Core Chameleon Debugger enables debugging of a mixture of CPUs and DSPs on the same silicon, the same target board, different target boards, and different in-circuit emulators scattered over the network. Thanks to its high modularity and an extensive use of API and DLL interfaces, the debugger can work with a variety of simulators and hardware emulation tools supporting JTAG, BDM and traditional pod-based target interfaces. Regardless of the interface, the debugger provides a consistent GUI-based interface to an embedded project at all stages of the development cycle. Multi-Core Chameleon Debugger is a 32-bit Windows multi-threaded application running on Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 workstations. It supports all major C/C++ compilers at the source level.

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