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Multi-Function Connectors Increase Functionality Of Notebook PCs

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A wide variety of peripherals such as CD-ROMs and floppy disk drives can be connected to a single media bay slot in notebook PCs when using firm's PD3 series of multi-function connectors. The devices are vertical board-to-board connectors and include both signal and power contacts. They are available in straight versions with no hold-down tabs or right-angle versions with hold-down tabs. There are a total of 80 signal contacts with two contacts for insertion detection and 78 contacts for general signals, such as address and data. There are also eight power contacts for operating power and ground.Electrical specifications include contact resistance greater than 70 milliohms, insulator resistance greater than 100 Megaohms, and dielectric withstanding voltage of 250 vacrms. Signal contacts are copper alloy with gold plating over palladium/nickel and tin/lead for the terminal.

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