Electronic Design

Multi-functional Connector System Wires Up LED Apps

The DF59 2-mm pitch, multi-functional connector system provides wire-to-board, board-to-board joint, and short-circuit sockets in a single connector design. Positioned for LED designs, it employs the company’s unique swing lock, which utilizes positive and friction locks, giving wire-to-board type connections cable pull force resistance. The cable end of the plug mates at a slight angle to engage more fully with the receptacle and the other end of the plug pushes down to complete mating with an audible tactile click. The connector also provides stress-free contact for 0.5-mm floating function in XYZ directions. Other features include a mated height of 2.5 mm and an overall size of 8 mm x 9 mm and a current capacity of 3A. HIROSE ELECTRIC, Simi Valley, CA. (805) 522-7958.

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