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Multi-Phase Buck Controllers Are Highly Integrated

Introduced as the industry's most highly integrated multi-phase buck controllers, the CS5301 and CS5332 meet the Vcore power requirements for Pentium 4 and Athlon processors. The CS5301 is a three-phase step down controller that employs the company's proprietary multi-phase control architecture to maintain balanced load-current distribution. It integrates discrete functions and protective circuits such as gate drivers, power good indicators, and a 3.3-volt 1 mA reference output. The CS5332 is a two-phase buck controller with four on-board gate drivers and almost identical control functionality.Both devices operate from either 5V and/or 12V supplies and between 200 kHz and 800 kHz. Both ICs ensure fail/safe protection from over-voltage and over-current conditions, offer direct single-pin enabled on/off control, and feature loss-less current sensing, adjustable output voltage positioning, and hiccup mode current limiting. The CS5332 and CS5301 are housed in 28-lead and 32-lead SOICs, respectively, and priced at $4.17 and $4.71, each/10,000.


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