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Multi-Processor Accelerator Does 2.66 GFLOPS On 6" Square Card

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Powered by four 333-MHz PowerPC 604e microprocessors, Excalibur 333 multi-processor accelerator can perform a reported record-setting 2.66 GFLOPS on a 6" x 6" card. By adding four of the daughtercards to a 9U VME motherboard, processing power can be accelerated to 10.66 GFLOPS, with total maximum performance in a single VME chassis pegged at a whopping 170 GFLOPS.Each PowerPC µP is coupled to its own bank of 32, 64 or 128 MB of SDRAM that is accessed over the processor's memory bus at 667 MB/s, with the Excalibur card connected to the motherboard via the firm's 320-MB/s SKYchannel. Features such as these help the 604e processors execute a 1K complex FFT (memory-to-memory) in just 174 µs. The high sustained performance capabilities of Excalibur 333 cards qualify them cards for use in demanding image and signal processing applications, such as radar, sonar, medical imaging and image analysis.

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