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Multi-Service IC Delivers Broadband Network Access

With support for data rates above 155 Mbps downstream and 100 Mbps upstream, the PBM 990 08/1 multi-service chip is suited for broadband access applications, such as ADSL, VDSL, FTTx and HFC, where all services are transported using ATM. The device, which is particularly suited for use in network terminals, interfaces to the modem/transceiver chipset by means of a Utopia Level 2 interface and distributes data to and from the different service interfaces. To speed development and reduce time to market, the chip can be used in place of earlier implementations requiring multiple discrete devices. All commonly needed functions are implemented in hardware that requires only a simple software setup.Manufactured in low-power, 3.3V CMOS technology and housed in a compact 240-pin MQFP, the chip minimizes power consumption and board area.

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