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Multichannel Filter Arrays Save Space In Mobile Apps

Designed to provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection while minimizing board space in mobile applications, the VEMI series filter arrays from Vishay Intertechnology come in an ultra-compact leadless leadframe package (LLP) with a low profile of just 0.6 mm. Pin-to-pin pitch is only 0.4 mm. The arrays include the four-channel VEMI45AA-HNH, the six-channel VEMI65AA-HCI, and the eight-channel VEMI85AA-HGK. They attenuate unwanted signals by more than 30 dB over the 900-MHz to 2.3-GHz range (see the Figure). Resistance is 100 Ω, and input capacitance is 60 pF. The filters' low leakage current helps lengthen battery life.

All three filters provide transient protection for data lines in accordance with IEC 6100042 (ESD) at 30 kV (air cooled and discharge) and IEC 6100045 (lightning) from 4 A (tp = 8/20 µs). They comply with RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC. Samples are available now, with production quantities scheduled to be available this quarter with a 10- to 12-week lead time. Prices are $12.00 for the VEMI45AA-HNH, $14.00 for the VEMI65AA-HCI, and $16.00 for the VEMI85AA-HGK, all for 100-piece quantities. For more information, go to www.vishay.com.

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