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Multicore DSP Targets Multichannel High-Density Applications

The dual-core ADSP-2192 is the first 16-bit, fixed-point derivative of Analog Devices' high-performance ADSP-219x core. It was architected for multichannel, high-density applications like voice/fax/data over networks, PBX extenders, and wireless communications. Plus, this device provides 320 MIPS from two complete DSPs on a single chip. Since the core is reusable and the multicore architecture is scalable, Analog Devices is developing other versions scalable to 1200 MIPS. In the meantime, a quad-core version with 640 MIPS of processing power will soon be released.

The programmable ADSP-2192 comes with six computational units, four data address generators, PCI version 2.2, USB version 1.1, and AC'97 system interfaces. In addition, it integrates on-chip 132 kwords of RAM, which incorporates 4 kwords of shared RAM. Also, it offers two boot ROMs with 4 kwords each. Shared memory is important for sustaining interprocessor communication and programming flow as well as minimizing off-chip memory. And, interprocessor communication in a multicore architecture maximizes total available performance on the DSP.

Each core is independent, comprising a program sequencer that controls the flow of instruction execution. Consequently, any two instructions can be carried out in every clock cycle. Plus, the ADSP-2192 provides a fully transparent instruction cache that permits simultaneous mathematical operations in every instruction cycle. Other enhancements include extended addressable memory space to 16 Mwords, a shared peripheral bus, and efficient C-code compilability. To protect the user's software investments, the ADSP-2192 is code-compatible with the 218x generation. Another benefit of this DSP is that it's upward-compatible with devices currently under development.

Based on a 0.25-µm low-power CMOS process, the ADSP-2192 requires a 2.5-V supply for the core and 3.3-V supply for the I/Os. This device consumes 0.4 mA/MIP at 2.5 V and is housed in a 144-lead LQFP. A complete suite of development tools is available as well, including VisualDSP version 7.0 and EZ-KIT lite with silicon, and a PCI-based development board with USB support.

The EZ-KIT lite for the ADSP-2192 costs $295.00 each. Sampling now, the ADSP-2192 is slated for production in the second quarter of 2001. In 25,000-unit quantities, it costs $35.00 each.

Analog Devices Inc., Three Technology Way, Norwood, MA 02062; (800) 262-5643; www.analog.com.

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