Electronic Design

Multimedia CPU Board Combines Power And I/O Functionality

The C161 Aurora CompactPCI multimedia CPU board utilizes the latest PICMG packet backplane and system management technologies. This hot-swappable single-board computer (SBC) offers the I/O functionality of a sub-notebook computer while providing the networking power and capacity of a full-size computer. Aurora can operate as a system master or peripheral master. Equipped with a 1-GHz Pentium III processor and up to 2 Gbytes of small-outline dual-inline memory module (SO-DIMM) memory, the NEBS III-compliant C161 includes three 10/100 BaseTx Ethernet channels, five USB ports, and two Card-Bus slots. It also integrates high-end audio and video subsystems with independent coprocessors. Aurora can perform redundant backplane packet transfers per the PICMG PSB standard. In addition to standard keyboard, mouse, and timer functions, it provides four Mbytes of BIOS and user flash. The board includes two IDE DMA-66 ports for installation of a 2.5-in., 100-Gbyte hard drive and a 32-Mbyte Disk-On-Chip flash drive. Equipped with an 850-MHz CPU and 256 Mbytes of RAM, the Aurora C161 costs $2800 in single-unit quantities.

General Micro Systems Inc.
www.gms4sbc.com; (909) 980-4863

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