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Multimedia PCI/AGP Controller Drives Flat Panels

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The Vampower 8 Series multimedia controller board for flat panels features PCI and AGP bus interface options and direct zoomable video input capabilities. Output can be a standard TTL, PanelLink or LVDS/Dual-LVDS interface as required by the flat panel or for remotely mounting the panel. The controller is plug compatible to several standard TFT LCDs with optional cables, adapters and receiver boards available in kit form.
Remote location of the panel and EMI solutions are facilitated by either a PanelLink interface for applications up to 10 feet from the controller or an LVDS/Dual-LVDS interface for applications up to 60 feet from the controller. The controller runs STN, TFT, EL and CRT displays with resolutions supported from 320x240 to 1280x1024 and is available in custom versions. Pricing in volume starts at $135. For more details, call Ken Chojnacki.

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