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Multimedia Pentium SBC PacksAudio/Video & Ethernet Link

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An all-in-one, Pentium-based multimedia single-board computer is embodied in the PCM-5862. The 5.75" x 8" board combines audio, video and network functions in an area the size of a 5.25" floppy disk drive. It carries a 16-bit, Sound Blaster-compatible audio controller, a PCI SVGA controller, a PCI Ethernet interface, and one PCI expansion slot. Other on-board features include 512 kbytes of Level 2 cache, four serial ports (three RS-232 and one RS-232/422/485), one multi-mode parallel port, two USB ports, a floppy drive controller, and a keyboard/PS 2/mouse interface. The built-in PCI IDE controller supports both PIO and bus-master modes. Up to two IDE devices can be connected, including large hard disks, CD-ROM drives and tape-backup drives. The board complies with the Green Function standard to minimize power consumption and supports doze mode, standby mode and suspend mode.

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