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Multipoint RF Module Offers Direct Analog Input

Weighing 1.4g and measuring 0.8" x 0.7" with an on-board antenna, the EmbedRF RF module is configurable as a periodic transceiver for applications such as parameter or medical data-logging or an on-demand transceiver for remote-control applications. With four analog inputs, it can directly interface with voltage-output sensors and transmit the information over distances up to 50 feet. The module delivers an output power up to 5 dBm at frequencies from 400 MHz to 928 MHz and features intelligent search and 24-bit security capabilities. Deriving power from a 2V to 3.6V supply, EmbedRF will operate in point-to-point one- way, two-way, or two-way multipoint star-connection configurations. Based on Chipcon's CC1100 chipset, the module typically uses less than 0.3 ?A in sleep mode with average operating-current consumption ranging from 255 ?A to 6 ?A depending on transmission interval. A development kit includes two EmbedRF modules, a USB interface board, USB cable, CR2032 3V lithium coin-cell battery with battery attachment board, and EmbedRF Desktop Pro software. Price for a single module is $59 and the development kit costs $299. SAELIG CO., Pittsford, NY. (888) 772-3544.

Company: SAELIG CO.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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