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Multiprocessor DSP Board Works At 14.4-GIPS Rate

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By incorporating up to nine Texas Instruments' TMS320C6201 digital signal processor chips, the PMP8 can provide up to 14.4 GIPS for mechanizing applications needing real-time processing, such as fast database searches, image analysis, digital video and high date throughput applications. The board's architecture incorporates a "master" DSP called the Program Execution Processor (PEP) and optionally four and eight "slave" DSPs. In addition to executing program code, the PEP acts as project manager and dynamically assigns tasks to the slave DSPs. The PEP also manages all data flow over multiple internal data paths via a data path switching network. The board has an ultra-high throughput capability of 870 Mbytes/s by combining three high-performance interfaces. All data transfers via the three interfaces are designed to occur simultaneously, optimizing application operations.

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