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Multiprocessor DSP Development Platform Ports To Any DSP

The Atlas universal digital computer line offers developers an incrementally upgradable DSP software development platform. Developed by Eonic Systems mv., the series allows applications to be easily ported to any DSP.

Members of this family were designed around dual DSP processor modules that provide 2 Mbytes of SRAM and an Altera FLEX 10K30 FPGA for custom I/O control. Each module has two 16-bit industry pack (IP) slots for additional peripheral support. A CompactPCI interface, a custom user I/O connector, and a JTAG debugging connection round out the peripheral connections. Up to seven modules are supported by the system.

Communication between processors, modules, and the host processor is accomplished via DMA support. This DMA configuration is connected to six 80-MHz communication channels associated with each pro-cessor. With an aggregate throughput of 1.68 Gbytes/s, the DMA architecture provides significantly higher performance than a PCI-based solution.

The host is based on a 3U CompactPCI Pentium board running Windows NT. Windows NT, VxWorks, LynxOS, Linux, and Solaris all support the development tools. These tools include the Virtuoso RTOS and development environment. Real-time tools such as the workload analysis, tracing monitor, and task-level debugger applications are provided by the development platform as well. The virtual single-processor programming model allows C++ applications to be compiled for any DSP. Multiprocessor communication is handled by a prioritized packet-switching system that uses the DMA channels.

Systems with a single dual-processor ADSP-21060 DSP module start at $12,000.

Eonic Systems mv., Nieuwlandlann 9, B-3200 Aarschot, Belgium; +32 16 621 585; fax +32 16 621 584; www.eonic.com.

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