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Multivalue Arrangements Found In SMT Ceramic Capacitors

A new family of multivalue capacitors provides multiple capacitance values within a single surface-mount package. They combine broadband-filtering characteristics with an exceptionally small footprint.

Yageo's Phycomp X2Y series arrays integrate two pairs of multilayer ceramic capacitors within a single monolithic chip. Each pair consists of a high and a low capacitance value. The values and ratio can be customized up to a maximum capacitance ratio of 100:1. Circuit manufacturers can then implement broadband filtering in their circuits in a wide choice of bandwidths and center frequencies to meet specific needs.

The capacitors are available with NPO (Class 1), X7R (Class 2), and Y5V (Class 3) dielectrics. All come with nickel-lead terminations. Class 1 capacitors come in form factors 0603 (5 to 220 pF) and 0805 (5-332 pF). Class 2 comes in 0603 (0.5-100 nF), 0805 (2.4-180 nF), 1206 (11-820 nF), 1210 (16-1000 nF), and 1812 (25-1000 nF). Class 3 comes in 0603 (110-220 nF), 0805 (235-470 nF), 1206 (1100-2200 nF), and 1210 (2350-4700 nF).

The capacitors integrated within each multivalue cap array package come with individual terminations that can be connected in parallel externally on the pc board. With the appropriate choice of capacitance values, the array can also operate as an integrated dual-band filter optimized for 900 and 1800 MHz for the latest generation of dual-band GSM mobile phones. Applications include automotive electronics, mobile devices, and data processing.

Pricing for a multivalue C array (0603 × 4) is $0.075 each. Availability is up to eight weeks.

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Yageo Corp.

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