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Network Module Is Small, Powerful And Customizable

Based on the 32-bit NetSilicon NS7520 network-application processor, the Digi Connect ME plug-and-play network module is claimed to be both highly powerful and customizable, as well as being one of the smallest such modules available today. In terms of customization, the device is supported by NET+Works development tools. And the module can be mounted on a chassis or enclosure, eliminating the need for circuit board modifications. It is also reported to be the first to support a truly interoperable, standards-based security framework using SSL/TLS and up to 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, the module supports common networking protocols and offers optional power pass-thru via the network interface that allows other devices to be powered over the Ethernet cable. Other features include five general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins, a customizable Web interface with application specific Java applet support, and SMTP email alerts. For pricing, contact SNMP. DIGI INTERNATIONAL INC., Minnetonka, MN. (877) 912-3444.


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