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Network Solution Eases Signal Transfer In Infotainment Systems

SMSC’s INIC eLITE is an all-digital networking solution for entry-level multimedia and infotainment systems that need to transfer digital audio, video, data, and control information between two or more devices, such as a radio and an amplifier. It allows for a simple, cost-effective, and transparent way to employ SMSC’s existing OS81082 Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) technology. With just a few commands, the INIC can be setup to transfer these signals over an unshielded twisted pair of copper cables, just as if there were no network in between. The OS81082 delivers 50-Mbit/s synchronous data transfer of audio and video using existing electrical connectors, making its application very simple for the design engineer. INIC eLITE is a reference implementation containing hardware and software, documentation, and development support to design low-cost multimedia links.

INIC eLITE is a natural, all-digital evolution of the existing multi-channel analog audio interface with Controller Area Network (CAN) bus control function between a radio and an amplifier. This system solution eliminates much of the cabling required for several analog channels as well as the CAN network controller. Its digital signal path also overcomes the noise, distortion, and signal degradation that typically plague an analog signal channel. Processing is done digitally, both in the source and in the sink. By providing digital transport, INIC eLITE saves components otherwise required for digital-to-analog conversion and back.


The INIC eLITE starter kit, including an INIC evaluation board and OptoLyzer and INIC Explorer analysis tools, is available now.


Contact the company for price information.



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