Electronic Design

New Case Specially Designed For Raspberry Pi

Bud-AThe “Pi Sandwich” plastic case developed by Bud Industries houses the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, which aids in teaching basic computer science/programming in schools. The case consists of two identical halves that fit together over the credit-card-sized microcomputer. Windows on all four sides allow easy access to ports for keyboard, TV/video, audio, USB, and LAN connections. The windows are oversized to accommodate future generations of the Raspberry Pi board, and avoid cutting holes for certain connectors. Built-in slots accept user-supplied cover panels. The impact-resistant, raspberry-colored ABS plastic case measures 5.12 by 3.35 by 2.52 inches. There’s enough space to mount a battery compartment, with an option of mounting a second board due to the fact that the top and bottom of the case are identical.


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