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New Connector Type Handles Wideband HDTV Signals

The first member of the new 8-GHz BMR series of pc-board connectors for wideband HDTV transmission is a female Type BMR component. The result of a three-year design initiative, the BMR series uses proprietary connector technology to meet the signal quality requirements of large-scale satellite TV applications, and has no equivalent in today’s connector market. Traditional 3-GHz Type F connectors are adequate for many HDTV applications, but cannot accommodate the extreme bandwidth required when satellite signals are to be split. BMR connectors, when employed in rf circuits designed for them, virtually ensure the integrity of split signals due to their proprietary engineering. The new 75-ohm interfaces are rated to 8 GHz (and test well to 10 GHz), and engineered to mate only with 8-GHz parts. The connectors mount to the underside of the board to optimize grounding and inductance, and feature an open-top design and contact pin placement that ensures low overall capacitance. The connectors are manufactured of precision-machined brass with gold-plated contacts to support low return loss, and feature insulator material of high-density TFE to maintain a perfect dielectric constant. BOMAR INTERCONNECT PRODUCTS INC., Ledgewood, NJ. (973) 347-4040.


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