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New Design Tools Include Wizard GUI

New design tools to support version 3.0 of the firm's ARC 32-bit embedded microprocessor core include a new version of the Wizard graphical user interface (GUI) to support the new DSP extensions and multiple ARC debug capability. The point-and-click approach of Wizard allows it to configure a 32-bit embedded processor core with pre-verified options rapidly-the core is said to be available for use within minutes. Together with the new ARCAngel hardware prototyping system, which allows implementation of new ideas in hardware within hours, system-on-a-chip designers can reduce overall design time by several months, it's claimed. The layout of the Wizard GUI has been completely re-organized, with tabs arranged logically to enable an intuitive design flow. The ARCAngel 2 board uses larger and faster PLD devices and has been designed more as a general-purpose development board than just an ARC verification tool.

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