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New Differential Receiver/Equalizer Chip Eyes KVM Apps

Developed for use in keyboard/video/ mouse (KVM) products, as well as in twisted pair receiving, VGA over twisted pair and security video applications, the EL9110 differential receivers/equalizer feature a bandwidth of 175 MHz and power dissipation of just 33 mA from a 5V supply. Representing the first member of new family of differential receivers/equalizers, the EL9110 IC can be used in switches that connect two or more PCs in SOHO settings, or in network administrators for controlling hundreds of PCs or servers across many global locations from a single keyboard or mouse. Each switch uses one EL9110 per channel, with the high-speed differential receiver packing five programmable poles and equalization length set with the voltage on a single pin. Other features include differential input to ±1V and an output to within 1.5V of supplies. The IC comes in a 16-pin QSOP. For pricing information, contact INTERSIL CORP., Milpitas, CA. (408) 945-1323.


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