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New Dual Tube Driver Helps Backlight TFT Displays

The Model LS650 ultra-compact CCFT (cold-cathode fluorescent tube) inverter for brightness control in LCD backlighting applications features an input range of 11.4-12.6 Vdc (a 5V input model is also available) and a total output of 4W for two lamps. The easy-to-use brightness control function supports a wide dimming range (20%-100%), with the adjustment made by applying dc bias voltage (1.5V-1.9V) or by means of a 0-10k½ variable resistor. Especially recommended for use with the NEC 6.5" TFT display, the LS650's rigid construction and compact, low-profile design (105 mm L x 25 mm W x 10 mm H) helps manufacturers of industrial instruments and test and measurement equipment meet continuing design miniaturization requirements. The inverter's single transformer/ dual output capability also benefits OEMs by keeping costs down through reduced on-board component counts. TAIYO YUDEN U.S.A. INC., San Marcos, CA. (760) 510-3200.


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