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New Flat Cable-And-Connector Assemblies Slash Termination Costs

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These new flat-conductor, flat-cable assemblies employ a manufacturing technology in which the insulation is not glued to the conductors. As a result, the insulation can be stripped off with mechanical or thermal strippers, thereby significantly reducing termination costs. The cable is combined with the company's new IDC-type connectors to create a cabling system that is thinner than round conductor flat or ribbon cable, as well as offering higher conductor counts and better mechanical reliability for powering moving systems where the cable must flex repeatedly.
The connector is designed to allow for quick and easy mass termination using only an arbor press or pliers in a field-service environment. The flat-conductor, flat-cable assemblies are available with conductors ranging from 18 to 28 AWG with conductor pitches ranging from 2 through 6.4 mm. A standard 10-conductor, 0.100" center, wire-to-board connector is priced at approximately $0.25 each/50,000.

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