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New Flexible Keyboard Rolls Up Like A Newspaper

Aimed at industrial, marine, mobile, kitchen, medical and educational applications, the Flexboard keyboard is waterproof and dustproof, flexible and rollable, ergonomic, durable, and easily cleaned. The keyboard characters are laser etched and fade proof, while security features make it child proof. Plus, itÕs easily portable by rolling up the keyboard, which makes it attractive for laptop and mobile applications. Standard dimensions run 19.6" x 0.3" x 6.9"; the short version runs 16.2" x 0.3" x 6.9". The unit weights 1.5 lbs. and is available in light grey, dark grey, blue, yellow, green, and glow-in-the-dark. It comes with a 6.5' cable with a PS/2 connector. The office Flexboard can be used in temperatures from +5¡C to +50¡C. The industrial and medical keyboards function in temperatures from -5¡C to +85¡C.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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