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New Logic Family Runs With Very Little Power

Said to dissipate 50% less power than existing low voltage logic, the TinyLogic Ultra Low Power family has been developed specifically to meet the low power demands of cell phones, PDAs and other portable electronic products. The devices are said to allow logic function add-ons to be placed exactly where needed, eliminating long pc board traces and facilitating board revisions. The first four Ultra Low Power devices to go commercial are single-gate logic ICs: the NC7SP04 inverter, NC7SP08 AND gate, and what are reported to be the industryÕs only configurable functionsÑnamely, the NC7SP57 and NC7SP58, both of which can be configured into any of six two-input gate functions. For applications requiring greater speed, the manufacturer has developed TinyLogic Ultra Low Power-A devices. Presently consisting of four partsÑthe NC7SV00/V02/V04/V125Ñthe Ultra Low Power-A logic is said to be 25% faster than existing devices and to operate at VCC ranging from 0.9V to 3.3V. In MicroPaks, the new logic devices cost $0.161 each/10,000 and in SC70 packages, $0.146. Future additions to the new logic family are expected to include Schmitt-Trigger input inverters and 3-state output buffers. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR INTERNATIONAL, South Portland, ME. (888) 522-5372.


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