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New Microvia Dielectric Materials Toughen Portables

New microvia dielectric materials have been developed that are said to offer optimized electrical and mechanical properties, with the toughened materials targeted for use in cell phones, PDAs and a host of other portable products. The Microlam 600 series of microvia dielectric materials reportedly pass new handset drop tests and meet environmental tests for chip packages. They also offer very low loss characteristics in RF modules. Suitable as a drop-in replacement for resin-coated copper, the Microlam 610 dielectric is said to minimize dielectric cracking and increase pc board mechanical reliability. Consisting of standard FR-4 epoxy resin and a continuous toughening matrix, the reinforced microvia material has a low dielectric constant and excellent thickness uniformity for controlled impedance layers. And their excellent surface planarity affords fine lines and spaces. The Microlam 620 is a low-dielectric-constant material said to offer excellent moisture resistance and mechanical stability, while the Microlam 630 is the lowest loss microvia material and affords the best cost/performance solution for high-frequency microvia modules and pc boards. For more information, contact W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES INC., Elkton, MD. (800) 445-4673.


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