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New Power Connectors Cut Cost Of PC Board Assembly

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By using compliant-pin interfaces with "eye-of-the-needle" press-fit contacts, the Mini-Fit CPI line of power connectors eliminates the need to solder the headers to pc boards. Well-suited to handle the high density, high current demands of telecomm and networking equipment, including backplanes, the new connectors have phosphorous bronze terminals that can handle up to 8A per terminal, depending on circuit size. They can accommodate board thicknesses of 0.094" and up and offer a blind-mating capability to simplify wire-to-board and board-to-board assembly. Mini-Fit CPI connectors also have SMT compatible housings that won't deform during wave or hand soldering operations and are available with tin- or gold-plated contacts and with 4 to 24 circuits. Price of the 10-circuit, tin-plated headers is $1.36 each/100,000.

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