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Low-Cost Desktop LCD Monitors Designed For System Builders
The AccuSync series of 15-in. (LCD5V), 17-in. (LCD7V), and 19-in. (LCD9V) LCDs are designed for low-cost bundling into computer systems with estimated prices of $299, $459, and $679, respectively. The LCD panels feature resolution up to 1280 by 1024 pixels and 260 cd/m2 (LCD7V) and 250 cd/m2 (LCD5V and 9V). Screen-enhancing Rapid Response technology allows 30-ms response times for uninterrupted full-motion video at 40 frames/s. According to their manufacturer, the LCDs consume 70% less power than comparable CRT monitors.

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display Inc.
(888) NEC-MITS

Military-Grade Foil Resistors Extend Resistance Range
The RNC90Z family of military-established reliability foil resistors’ resistance range has been bumped from 100 W up to 121 KW. They feature a low temperature coefficient of resistance of 2.0 ppm/°C from -55°C to 175°C. Tolerances range from ±0.01% to ±1.0%. Power rating is 0.6 W at 70°C and 0.3 W at 125°C. Maximum working voltage is 300 V. Samples and production are available now. Production quantities run about 12 weeks. U.S.-only pricing starts at about $6.00, depending on tolerance and quantity.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
(610) 407-4800 (U.S.); +44 195 514 8239 (Europe); +65 6788 6668 (Asia)

Reliable Solid-State Relay Homes In On I/O Applications
The G3TC solid-state I/O module, which interfaces logic circuitry and a load, features a built-in hold-down screw to fasten the relay to the board. It’s color-classified per industry standards for I/Os. Input range is 90 to 140 V dc/ac and 180 to 240 V dc/ac. The dc input module’s range is 10 to 32 V with a logic-level output supply, on both ac and dc input modules, of 5 to 24 V dc. The applicable output load is 3 A at 5 to 60 V dc and 1 A at 5 to 300 V dc. The ac output module’s input is 5 to 24 V dc. Its applicable load is 3 A at 280 V, depending on the model. The G3TC is UL- and CSA-approved, and it conforms to CE ratings. Prices start at $10.10. Availability is from stock.

Omron Electroncs LLC
(800) 556-6766

Miniature Ceramic EMI Filters Intended Specifically For Size-Critical Applications
The 4305 miniature electromagnetic-interference (EMI) ceramic filter, finely designed to suppress unwanted EMI in applications where small size is critical, comes in compact sizes. It features a flange diameter of 0.140 in. ±0.005 in. and overall length of 0.400 in. in solder-mount and feed-through versions. Standard filter values are available up to 100,000 pF with insertion loss up to 75 dB at 1 GHz. Working voltage ranges from 50 to 500 V dc at 125°C. Diameters as small as 0.075 in. and a wide selection of lead configurations are available.

Tusonix Inc.
(520) 744-0400

Latching-Relay I/O Module Holds Output If Power Is Lost
The G-1AMPx-LTCH output module latches the last output contact state (ON or OFF) prior to power-down, using a 1-A dry contact relay. It’s available for 5-, 12-, 15-, and 24-V logic operation. Reverse logic (form B) and Gx2 series (spdt/from C) models are also available. Power needs only to be applied to the module to change the output contact state (less than 3 ms), making solar- or battery-powered control applications practical. Optional power-on delay circuitry is available with delays from 0.25 to 60 seconds. Base pricing starts at $31.50 each. Options are an additional $4.75 each.

Brentek International
(800) 273-6835

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