Electronic Design

New Products: More Embedded

Low-Cost VME/CompactPCI SBCs Pack 850-MHz Celeron
Two versions were created for the V165 Miser single-board computer (SBC): CompactPCI and VME. The SBC comes with an 850-MHz Celeron processor, 64 Mbytes of RAM, two 10/100BaseTx Ethernet (one front, one rear) interfaces, two Ultra IDE DMA-33 interfaces, two serial ports, two USBs, a mouse, a keyboard, and a PMC site. They support Windows NT/2000/XP, VxWorks, Solaris x86, QNX, and Linux. Both versions cost under $1700.

General Micro Systems

Compact Module Adds 802.11b Capabilities
Housed in a compact 38- by 27- by 12-mm module, the Airborne can provide 802.11b to embedded devices. The built-in TCP/IP stack, real-time operating system, and application software let developers easily interface to the device via a serial interface. Airborne modules cost under $80.

DPAC Technologies

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