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New Products: More Packaging/Interconnects/Materials

Compliant Pin-Interface Headers Prove Reliable For High Densities
Designed for high-density applications, the Micro-Fit 3.0 compliant pin-interface headers target servers, fan tray assemblies, backplanes, and other applications. These press-fit headers require no soldering and can carry either power or signal currents up to 5 A per circuit. They're fully polarized to help ensure proper mating. In addition, there are isolated contacts for electrical and mechanical integrity. Dual-row vertical headers are available with two to 24 circuits for standard versions and four to 24 circuits for blind-mate versions. Pricing depends on quantity, circuit size, and style. For example, an eight-circuit Micro-Fit 3.0 header costs $0.51 each in lots of 100,000 units.

Molex Inc.
www.molex.com; (630) 969-4550

Plastic Enclosures Lend A Hand To Pocket-Size Electronics
The Handy series plastic enclosures for pocket-size electronics measure just 4.11 by 2.83 by 1.00 in. A belt/pocket clip accessory can be fitted to the base part for securing the unit to a belt or pocket while on the move. Four models are available: with or without a removable end plate and with or without a battery compartment lid. The plastic end plate can be used for mounting LEDs, connectors, and cable glands. The units are molded in off-white or black ABS (UL 94 HB) with a modern textured finish. Four self-tapping screws provide assembly, and pc-board mounting pillars are provided in the top and based parts. Volume pricing starts at $12 each.

TEKO Enclosures Inc.
www.tekoenclosures.com; (800) 965-9872

SMT Connector Hooks Up PC-Board And IDC Ribbon With One Component
The thermoplastic SMC Board-on surface-mount (SMT) connector has a 1.27-mm pitch for an efficient and reliable connection from the board to external cables. It enables the connection between a pc board and an IDC ribbon cable with just one component. Available in 12-, 26-, and 50-pin versions, it includes a pick-and-place cover and tape-and-reel packaging. Just three steps are needed for installation: Place the connector fully onto the SMT module for reflow soldering, pre-form the ribbon cable, and then place the cable onto the connector. Pricing is $2.94 for the board connector and $0.33 for the press cover plate in one- to 500-piece lots.

ERNI Electronics
www.ernicomponents.com; (804) 530-5012

Lightpipe Line Broadens Breadth Of Sizes And Styles
The 90 series of lightpipes, previously available only in a 10-width (tenfold) size, is now available in one- to 10-width options and an extended range of lightpipe styles. Various combinations of single, dual, vertical, and horizontal configurations are available, as are custom-colored plastic versions as special orders. Lightpipes that will "blend" the colors of different-colored LEDs are offered, as are standard versions with preventative shrouds. The lightpipes' UL94 material has a temperature rating of -40°C to 85°C. Pricing starts under $0.20 with a two- to four-week lead time for standard configurations.

Elma Electronic Inc.
www.elma.com; (510) 656-3400

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