Electronic Design

New Technology Creates Single-Chip White LEDs

A new technology has been developed for producing LEDs that emit white light without the use of separate red, green and blue LED chips. By combining blue emitting diodes with luminescent dyes, single-chip LEDs are created that emit bright light at altered wavelengths, with the resulting mixture of colors visible to the eye as white light. In addition, the simple circuit design eliminates the need to control three different colors while assuring a stable color tone. Available in a TOPLED surface-mount design, first generation devices derived from this revolutionary white LED technology deliver luminescence intensities of 20 mcd, with next-generation parts, which will be available latter this year, to boost intensities to 60 to 80 mcd. The LW T676 TOPLED white LEDs dissipate 90 mW and are well-suited for use for dashboards, backlighting, reading lamps, displays, image scanning and photocopying, and more.

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