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New Tension Clamp Offers Flexibility

High packing density and quick wiring are key features of the double- and triple-level LM2NZF 5.08 pc board terminals. The tension-clamp terminals are pin-compatible with the company's existing double- and triple-level LP2N 5.08 and LP3R 5.08 screw-connection terminals. This provides designers the flexibility of switching from screw to tension-clamp terminals without changing the existing board layout. The easy and fast operation of the tension-clamp spring reduces wiring times for the new PCB terminals. The self-adjusting tension clamp maintains the required pressure on the cable, so it's reportedly maintenance-free. The cable clamp is always closed when not activated, making incorrect wiring impossible. A marking surface above each cable entry enables easy and clear identification of the wiring. The terminals also feature a modular construction and are available with 4 to 48 poles (double level) and 6 to 72 poles (triple level). Customized assemblies using combinations of the double and triple level terminals are also available.

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