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New Tools Help Tame PCB Design Work

With Multicap 7 schematic capture and Multisim 7 simulation and capture tools, pc board design work is said to be accelerated and improved. Suitable for pure schematic entry, driving simulation, or feeding pc board layout, Multicap 7 boasts of: a user interface that is said to reduce the steps needed for repetitive schematic entry tasks; powerful algorithms that support modeless operation (i.e., automatic wiring, as well as part dragging without losing connections); an easy means for finding and placing parts; and a database for storing information on devices. Representing a powerful simulation tool that includes an integrated version of Multicap 7, Multisim 7 interactive simulator touts, among other things, co-simulation capabilities, an extensive suite of analyses tools, and the company's Virtual instruments. Multisim can also co-simulate SPICE, VHDI, Verilog and RF devices so that complete boards containing devices not practically modeled in SPICE can be analyzed. Pricing for Multicap 7 starts at $1,000 and for Multisim 7, $2,000. ELECTRONICS WORKBENCH, 111 Peter St., Suite 801, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (800) 263-5552.


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