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newsclips: VME Hits 20—The VME Bus had its 20-year anniversary this October. Initially created to support Motorola microprocessor buses, VME has become a mainstay for high-reliability military, telecom, and industrial control applications, deploying some 1/2M boards last year. Roughly 30% went to telecom, 25% to military, and 21% to industrial applications. VME deploys a 32/64-bit asynchronous bus delivering up to 160 Mbytes/s.

ARM + MathWorks = AUTO—ARM and The MathWorks are collaborating on a design environment for auto systems. It will incorporate the ARM Developer and simulator with Matlab/Simulink.
ARM, www.arm.com; The MathWorks, www.mathworks.com.

hotproduct: Multiqueuing FIFOs—High-performance network applications need to queue up incoming data for processing. IDT's Queuing FIFOs combine FIFO buffers with high-speed queuing logic.

The family of chips supports up to 32 queues on a chip, and up to 256 queues for cascaded chips. The FIFOs handle 7.2-Gbit data rates. On-chip FIFO densities go up to 2 Mbits. The chips support independent read and write port clocking domains, and come in bus port widths of 9, 18, and 36 bits. The internal clock rate is 200 MHz, and power dissipation is 330 mW.

These 3.3-V parts, in 256-pin BGA packages, sell for $35 each in quantities of 10,000.
IDT, www.idt.com.

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