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Next-Gen Power MOSFETs Hike Efficiency Of DC-DC Converters

The next-generation family of power semiconductors from Infineon Technologies AG improves reliability and raises power efficiency by 1% to 1.3% in dc-dc converters. The 30-V OptiMOS 3 N-channel MOSFETs feature industry-leading key power-conversion performance, according to the company. For example, the OptiMOS 3 power MOSFET in a 3- by 3-mm SuperSO8 package has a maximum rated RDS(on) of 1.6 mΩ, which is about 30% lower than the next best similar device, says Infineon. The low RDS(on) values minimize conduction losses and on-state power dissipation.

The characteristics of the OptiMOS 3 technology allow power supply designers to achieve desired performance levels using fewer devices, resulting in a 33% reduction in the number of MOSFETs typically required to implement a dc-dc converter. Also, the available SSO8 package can yield up to a 60% savings in the board space needed for the MOSFETs in a converter.

The OptiMOS 3 power MOSFET family consists of over 80 devices in eight packages types and with various RDS(on) levels. They are available now in production quantities. Samples prices—in 10,000-piece lots—include the BSC016N03LSG with an RDS(on) of 1.6 mΩ in an SSO8 package for $1.00 and a 3.5 mΩ device in an SSO8 package is $0.70. For more information, go to www.infineon.com/powermosfets.

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