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Next-Gen Silicon TV Tuner Bests Conventional Can Tuners

Optimized for large-screen hybrid televisions, the XC5000 next-generation silicon tuner provides the world's best sensitivity, adjacent channel rejection, phase noise, and dynamic range, according to Xceive Corp. For analog televisions, the XC5000 offers an unweighted signal-to-noise-ratio of 54 dB and a noise figure of better than 6 dB. These specs consistently exceed the parameters of a typical can tuner, delivering a higher quality video image and, ultimately, a better user experience. For digital televisions, the XC5000 exceeds, by a significant margin, all worldwide television standards including A74, OpenCable, and Nordig Unified requirements, providing true high-definition television for both terrestrial and cable reception.

The highly integrated tuner incorporates a programmable DSP that optimizes the hardware to achieve very high performance. With this DSP, the on-board filters can be configured to meet all television standard requirements. The DSP controller minimizes tuner-to-tuner performance variations and ensures very tight specification tolerances and high yield. The device also integrates all the SAW filters and video and audio demodulation circuitry in order to minimize parts costs. All of this fits into a 7- by 7-mm 48-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. Samples of the XC5000 are available now, with production quantities expected to ship in the second quarter. The tuner costs less than $6.00 in volume quantities. To learn more, go to

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