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Next-Gen WiMAX IC Supports Both Mobile And Fixed Networks

The WiMAX Connection 2250 is Intel's next-generation system-on-chip and its first designed to support mobile networks in addition to fixed networks. The device supports IEEE 802.16-2004 and IEEE 802.16e-2005. When combined with the company's WiMAX Multi-Band Radio or third-party RFICs, the WiMAX Connection 2250 allows designers to create a broad range of WiMAX modems and residential gateways.

Because it is pin-compatible with the Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 wireless modem, the WiMAX Connection 2250 offers an easy upgrade path for equipment manufacturers. They can design modems that can evolve from 802.16-2004 to 802.16e-2005 with an over-the-air software upgrade. Support for both software stacks ensures flexibility in equipment design, deployment, and applications. To facilitate program development, the WiMAX Connection 2250 includes software development kits for both 802.16-2004 and 802.16e-2005 modes.

Two integrated ARM 946E-S processors allow management and other layer-three networking applications to run on-chip, without the need for an external processor. Also, an on-board IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet controller and security accelerator improve performance while reducing cost.

Contact Intel for price and availability information. For additional data on the Intel WiMAX Connection 2250, go to www.intel.com.

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