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Next-Generation PC-Board Router Adds Topological Board Analysis

Situs, a next-generation pc-board routing tool, adds a topological board-analysis stage to the autorouting process. With Situs, the pc board is initially modeled by the spatial relationships of each object relative to another, without reference to their size, absolute position, or shape, allowing Situs to perform its path-finding functions.

Because Situs considers only the relative position of objects, it is free from the artificial geometric constraints that shape-based routers are known to suffer. This tool easily copes with nonstandard board and component configurations and establishes more intelligent and natural routing paths on the board. Once routing paths are established, they are mapped back to a more conventional shape-based space for inclusion in the pc-board design.

Situs will be fully integrated with the Protel pc-board layout and editing environment due for release in the first quarter of this year. Pricing for the new version of Protel is expected to be in line with the current Protel 99 SE pricing model.

Altium Ltd.
+61 2 9975 7710; www.protel.com

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