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NI’s SPICE Software Adds Virtual Instrumentation

NI’s SPICE Software Adds Virtual Instrumentation

Multisim 10.0 and Ultiboard 10.0, the latest versions of the company's interactive SPICE simulation and circuit analysis software, extends capabilities with virtual instrumentation, bridging the gap between test and design functions. Pairing Multisim 10.0 circuit simulation software and LabVIEW measurement software, users creating custom PCBs can compare simulated and real-world data. Multisim 10.0 can be used to interactively build circuit schematics and simulate circuit behavior. Notable, the application abstracts the complexity of SPICE simulation, eliminating the need for in-depth SPICE expertise. Both Multisim 10.0 and Ultiboard 10.0 provide a database that includes more than 1,200 components and more than 500 SPICE models from vendors such as Analog Devices, Linear Technology, and Texas Instruments, as well as more than 100 switch-mode power supply models. Ultiboard 10.0 provides an intuitive platform to lay out and route PCB designs and includes significant speed improvements when placing and moving components and laying copper traces. Opening large designs is roughly twice as fast due to changes in design-rule checks. Pricing for Multisim 10.0 starts from $1,499. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (888) 280-7645.


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