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NI Week Spotlights HW/SW Breakthroughs

Hardware and software for the rapid prototyping and testing of mixed-signal devices and systems are the lastest offerings from National Instruments.

Based on a new common architecture that synchronizes timing among different boards to tens of picoseconds, hardware includes the 100-MHz/50-MHz PXI-6552/6551 digital waveform generators/analyzers, the 100-Msample/s PXI-5421 16-bit arbitrary waveform generator, and the 100-Msample/s PXI 5122 14-bit digitizer. The PXI-6552/6551 come in 1-, 8-, and 64-Mbit/pin versions ($6995/$4995, $8495/$6495, and $11,995/$9995). The PXI-5421 comes in 8-, 32-, and 256-Mbit/pin versions ($4995, $6495, $9995). The PXI-5122 comes in 8-, 32-, and 256-Mbit/channel versions ($4995, $6495, $8995).

NI-DAQ 7 data-acquisition driver software allows simultaneous operations 100 to 1000 times faster and eases measurements with the DAQ Assistant Utility. Measurement Studio 7.0 is a suite of native classes and controls for developing measurement and automation applications in Visual Basic .Net 2003. Enterprise, Professional, and Studio Standard editions for Windows 2000/XP cost $1995, $995, and $495. Most significant is NI's LabWindows/CVI upgrade, featuring an integrated workspace, code-generating I/O, and DAQ Assistants that streamline the development of ANSI C code. Pricing starts at $995.

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