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Nine-Channel Transceiver Supports Single-Ended And LVD Signalling

Supporting both single-ended and low-voltage differential (LVD) signaling, SN75LVDM976 transceiver supports nine transmission lines so only three devices are needed for a 27-bit-wide SCSI implementation. (Differential signaling is more reliable than single-ended because it is less susceptible to electrical noise.) The device is pin-for-pin compatible with firm's 9-channel high voltage differential (HVD) transceiver, the SN75976ADGG, to give designers design flexibility. The SN75LVDM976 nine-channel transceiver is not limited to SCSI applications and can be used to implement any type of multipoint parallel differential bus such as proprietary buses, backplane systems and direct board-to-board connections.

Company: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC. - Semiconductor Group, Literature Response Center

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