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Noise-Filtering Chip Combines Resistor And Capacitor

By combining a resistor and capacitor on a single chip, the RC1206 Series is said to provide a more economical R/C solution for noise filtering and snubber circuits in telecomm and computer applications. The advantage of the single-chip R/C network is that it gives the circuit designer the freedom to place the line filter virtually anywhere on the pc board. The chip's thick-film resistive element features a resistance range of 10 ohms to 1kiloohms with tolerances to 10%; maximum voltage rating is 5V and TCRs are to 200 ppm/°C. The capacitive element offers a 10- to 200-pF capacitance range with tolerances to 20% and max. voltage rating of 50V and a TCR of +20%/-55%. The device's operating temperature is rated from -55°C to 125°C. It's compatible with automated assembly equipment and wave or reflow soldering processes.

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