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Noise/Vibration Analyzer Plugs Into Laptops

Lightweight and portable, the OR25 PC-Pack turns a laptop into a sophisticated laboratory instrument capable of analyzing a full range of noise and vibration signals. The 16-channel unit connects to a laptop via a PC Card. Designed with portable applications in mind, it's at home in both the lab and a production facility. It's especially well-suited to the needs of the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as for lab analysis and on-site measurement in the research and predictive maintenance fields. With two to 16 analog inputs and a dynamic range of 90 dB, the analyzer is suited for all types of signal analysis applications. Key features include real-time FFT analysis, a variety of signal conditioning options, two signal generator outputs, and data export through a variety of methods. Input channels may be added through use of plug-in ISA boards.

Company: OROS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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