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Non-Contact 3D System Aids In Surface Analysis Tasks

The YP20 is a 3D coordinate measuring machine for close-tolerance parts applications. It combines non-contact, auto-focusing optical/laser sensing technology and PC-bases computer numerical control to provide 3D inspection, measurement and analysis of microscopic surface features on ICs, pc boards, hard disk platters, and machined materials.Operating with a Z-axis measurement range of 20 mm, the system uses a semiconductor laser with reflective-activated focusing techniques to read and measure the workpiece’s surface. A CCD camera comes standard with 50x optical lens to provide sharp image feedback to a Trinitron monitor. Other lenses are optional. CNC movement within all axes is under closed-loop control of a 450-MHz Pentium II PC. Resolution in all three axes is 0.1 µm; Z-axis positioning repeatability is ±0.2 µm.


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