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Non-Contact ID Tags Read/Write On-The-Fly

These passive/inductive memory tags in firm's automatic ID system let tools and parts carry an on-board, updateable, non-volatile cache of information for setup, SPC, history tracking, recording of in-process test results, and so on. An alternative to bar code labels and radio frequency ID systems, the tags are immune to virtually any hostile condition likely to be encountered in machining, material handling and automated manufacture. Tags consist of an EEPROM chip encapsulated in injection molded plastic that can carry from 128 to 8192 alphanumeric characters, depending upon tag size. Data are read and programmed to tags using passive induction. And data is transfered by linking one or more read/write heads to a C-600 interface processor, which, in turn, connects to the machine control via a RS-232 link or multi-drop system.


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