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Nonvolatile RAMs Come In Four Densities

A family of four ferroelectric RAMs (FRAMs) combines nonvolatile memory space, a processor supervisor and peripheral functions for a variety of automotive, consumer, computing and industrial applications. The FM32 family is composed of the FM3204 (4 Kbits), the FM3216 (16 Kbits), FM3264 (64 Kbits) and FM32256 (256 Kbits). FRAMs are a new type of semiconductor memory that can store data in the absence of power. The processor supervisor contains a programmable low-VDD reset, a programmable watchdog timer and a manual reset function. Peripherals include a nonvolatile event counter, a lockable 64-Bit serial number area and a general-purpose comparator that can be used for an early power-fail interrupt. An industry-standard 2-wire bus accesses the memory and controls all functions. The memories are manufactured in a 0.35 micron process that allows them to share a common interface and fit into a 14-pin SOIC package, eliminating the need for multiple parts on a system board. Pricing is as follows: FM3204, $2.04 each/10,000; FM3216, $2.34; FM3264, $2.71; and FM32256, $3.97. For further information, contact RAMTRON INTERNATIONAL CORP., Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 481-7004.


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