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Novel Processor Modules Add Options To Designer's Plate

Two different compact module-based product families recently added new members to their lineups.

The first, Kontron's DIMM-PC/Lite, utilizes a 68- by 40-mm small-outline dual-inline memory-module (SO DIMM) form factor. It's built around STMicroelectronics' x86-compatible, 100-MHz STPC Elite microcontroller.

The $90 DIMM-PC/Lite includes a dual integrated-development-environment (IDE) interface, floppy-disk interface, real-time clock, EEPROM for CMOS-data backup, and dual serial ports. The module contains 32 Mbytes of DRAM and 32 Mbytes of flash. A copy of DR-DOS comes installed on the module.

The second new entry, Ultimodule's SCM240, is about the same size (60 by 40 mm), but it packs a 64-bit NEC RISC processor. It also supports the Ultiwire high-speed interconnect that runs at 48 Mbits/s (see "I/O Bus Bridges The Chasm Between CAN And Ethernet," p. 36, March 1, 2004).

The module includes an 8-kbyte serial EEPROM; 24-MHz serial multiplexer with DMA; CAN 2.0B, Ethernet, and USB controllers; and serial interfaces. The SCM240 also integrates a Xilinx Spartan IIE FPGA. The FPGA doubles as the Ultiwire interface while providing additional peripheral support for an application.

Ultimodule's UM-SK-104 Starter Kit costs $1495. It includes the SCM240, a MEB-01 memory expansion board, a USMD8IO optically isolated, eight-digital-I/O extension module, and a CB-104 carrier board. Also included is the Device Studio Developer 1.0, a C/C++ integrated development environment.

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