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Oceana Sensor Picks Quickfilter Converter

Oceana Sensor Module has selected QF4A512, a 4-channel programmable signal converter made by Quickfilter Technologies for its Wireless Sensor Module (WSeM). The WSeM is designed to provide four channels of general purpose analog sensor data acquisition and filtering for wireless sensor networks. It contains Quickfilter's QF4A512 programmable filter with integrated analog-to-digital conversion and filtering. There's also an on-board processor with 802.11 wireless communications capability supplied by GainSpan Corporation and designated the GS1010 SoC (System-on-a-Chip) on one printed circuit board. "Quickfilter's QF4A512 provides our customers the ability to implement custom filters in minutes instead of the days or weeks required by using traditional approaches," Jens Hult, Oceana Sensors Chief Technology Officer, said in a statement. "This helps increase the efficiency and speed of the WSeM by relieving the on-board processor of the computational requirements for digital filtering." "Ocean Sensor has developed a unique low-power application for wireless sensor networks that provides the user with the ability to use their current 802.11 network,” Don DiDonato, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Quickfilter, said in a statement. "Using a networking standard which is pervasive in most enterprises allows the WSeM to be a drop-in replacement for a wired sensor-based system. This reduces dramatically the time-to-market for a customer implementation." Quickfilter is a fabless semiconductor company that develops mixed-signal ICs based on a programmable finite impulse response (FIR) engine for digital signal processing.

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