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Octal DSP Board Delivers Up To 16,000 MIPS

Claimed to be the industry's highest performance commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, the Mosport-VME is an octal DSP carrier board based on Texas Instruments' 2000-MIPS, 250-MHz, fixed-point TMS320C6202 processor. The board incorporates the company's quicComm communications architecture, which is based on an ASIC, called the Solano, that significantly reduces board-area requirements.
The Solano provides 1.6 GB/s of bandwidth for each DSP, for a total of 9.6 GB/s for the eight-DSP board.The wide bandwidth enables the processors to spend minimal time moving data and more time doing the processing. The board also includes two quicCOMM-enhanced, 64-bit PMC sites.
Other features include: 8M/4M x 32 words of local SDRAM for each DSP, for a total of 256/128 MB of DRAM; and debugging capabilities via on-board TBC or via a JTAG emulator. The board comes with a comprehensive software library and drivers for Windows NT, VxWorks, and Solaris. Pricing is $12,000 in quantity.


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